Oil & Gas production no longer “History” in Pennsylvania

When I was in 6th grade in Titusville, PA our big school field trip was to the Drake Well Museum to learn about the history of oil and how it all started right there in town.   Of course after fishing in Oil Creek with my grandfather for many years, several in waders taller than me, I knew there was oil in the ground.  When we’d lift some of the rocks off the creek bed to look for crawdads a little of that black gold would ooze right out of the ground, no drilling needed.   It was of course the reason why the first oil well was drilled right there in 1859.

drake wellEven now after 20 years in the energy industry and many more birthdays since that field trip so long ago I remember walking around the old derrick building being fascinated but sad.  It was a grand story about how one of the worlds most important industries had started right there in next to that little creek in Western Pennsylvania but it was all in the distant past.   Glory days only visible in a few restored buildings and grainy black and white photographs.

Well folks it is not history any longer, it is now, and it is big.  After growing gas production 72% in one year Pennsylvania is now number 3 behind only Texas and Louisiana.  With the expected growth over the next few years a number 2 ranking isn’t far off.

PA Nat Gas ProductionFuelsnews.com has a story with all the latest stats and forecasts here.  So congrats to all those in PA who remember when energy mattered in that great state, you’re back!

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