Diesel Fuel’s Quality Problem

Let us start with one simple fact, it is illegal to even sell gasoline without the minimum amount of detergent additives established by the EPA.  Specifically citing The Code, 40 CFR 80.161 – “Gasoline may not be sold or transferred to a party who sells or transfers gasoline to the ultimate consumer unless such gasoline […]

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The Only Energy That Matters

After spending three days at the Ernst & Young Strategic Growth Forum, the educational confab built around EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, I walked away with one overpowering conclusion.  Yes after hours of listening to great CEO’s like Meg Whitman of HP, David Novak of Yum Brands, Fisk Johnson of SC Johnson and chatting […]

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Energy Secure vs Energy Independent

First of all “Energy Independence” is a ridiculously misunderstood and misapplied statement.  For most of the energy we use in the US we are incredibly independent.  If we take energy as three streams; electricity, heat, and transportation then on the first two fronts we are secure and independent.  The US electricity grid is the largest […]

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