Thinking On Energy Flipboard Edition

For those of you who have not used the Flipboard app I highly recommend it.  I have found Flipboard to be the easiest way to consume news and content from all kinds of streams.  It takes my twitter feed and turns it into a visually attractive and easy to consume news magazine that looks great on my phone, iPad, or PC.

So as I often run across dozens of great stories on Energy that I would like to share with you I’ve launched the Thinking On Energy Magazine in Flipboard.  You can click the image below to launch the web version or download the flipboard app and then just search on Thinking On Energy and you can follow or subscribe to the magazine.


This app makes is unbelievable easy to aggregate everything you run across into one convenient and visually attractive online magazine that looks good on phone or tablet.  I have “flipped” over 120 articles into the the magazine so far just in the past few days and it is a great way to queue up the stream of stories throughout a day or week into one easy place to read them later when you have some time.

ipad view

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