Breaking Down This Winter’s Biggest Questions in the Energy Markets

This past quarter has been a tumultuous one in the global energy markets opening several key questions as we head into the winter season.  In this quarter’s Fuels News 360out this week, the writers and editors provide some insightful answers useful to anyone using fuels, natural gas, or power.

IranDeal Why the nuclear deal with Iran may be better described as a the “oil” deal with Iran?  While we can all appreciate the long term impacts to national security it looks like the real impact today is all about oil, see page 13 for the analysis.

Think that in the huge global energy industry that local refining capacity doesn’t really matter?  Well ask those folks in Chicago or Los Angeles that are paying up to a dollar a gallon more than the rest of us, see page 25 for the review.

Has the US already lost their most important foreign crude oil customer?  While the debate over crude oil exports remains a favorite of the political class the industry may already have arrived at an early answer, see page 30.

Have fleet customers moved on from renewable fuels to pursue hybrids, CNG, LNG, and other alternatives?  Well one renewable fuel has commercial fleet operators excited and for some pretty compelling reasons, see page 35RenewableDiesel

Could natural gas prices actually decline during winter?  With inventories at all time highs and more gas on hand than anyone, including the EIA, thought it looks possible, see page 39.

How many coal plants have we retired in the last six months?  How much solar did we install to make up for it?  This change in our power generation mix is scary and exciting that the same time, see page 41 for review.

How the heck do winter diesel additives work and can they really save money while keeping trucks on the road when the snow flies?  Read how using additives properly for just one million gallons of winter fuel could save as much as $120,000, page 45 has the breakdown.


I hope you enjoy this quarters issue, I think it’s the best yet from a great team.

If you’d like to download the pdf click here >> FN360 Q3 2015 ISSUU

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