The Most Dangerous Statement a Leader Can Make

A fun podcast on leadership hosted by Ben Fanning, a great interviewer who makes those of us being interviewed look better and smarter than we are. My thanks to Ben for the experience and being able to share some of my thinking on the complex topic of leadership. You can find more of Ben’s great interviews on his site HERE.

Key discussion threads that we cover in the Episode:

● How moving around and traveling can inform your leadership style.
● How to go from fearing public speaking to thriving on the stage.
● How to combine big company experience with the entrepreneurial mindset.
● Key advice for leaders who work in a controversial industry.
● The most dangerous statement a leader can make.
● Why curiosity is a most important trait to look for in employees.
● Employee interview questions to test a candidate’s curiosity.
● How leaders can foster the curiosity of others.
● How the catastrophic cost of turnover adds up for his organization.
● The first person Doug had to fire and why it was so memorable.
● Remembering your first big leadership moment.

Advice for anyone in a politically controversial industry:
● Focus on the customer.
● Challenge yourself if you’re doing the right thing to improve.
● You’re always subject to criticism no matter what you do.
● Take that criticism head on.

Some Notable Quotes from the Episode:
“Leaders aren’t born; they’re built.”
“The most dangerous statement is…“We’ve always done it this way.” ”
“Dealing with change is a muscle you must exercise.”
“Your job as a leader is not your to-do list; it’s your team’s to-do list.”

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Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek
Mindset, Carol Dweck

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