Top 10 Leadership Articles of 2015

Who doesn’t like year end lists.  Well, I love short punchy pithy lists of ideas, topics, and recommendations.  So in that spirit here is a list of well…mostly other lists.  Most very easy to read, some with great ideas you can put to work right now and some other topics that I think are just worth pondering a bit during the holidays as you recharge for next year.

To kick it off I’ll start with the simplest and I think biggest leadership tip I received all year – SMILE.

  1. 7 Brilliant Leadership Lessons, by Jenna Goudreau –
  2. The 3 Things that separate a Leader from a Manager, by Gina Belli –
  3. 7 Ted Talks that will make you a better leader, by Kevin Daum,
  4. Lessons on Leadership from C3PO, by Doug Wagner
  5. Sound like a leader with these 5 simple sentence starters, by Robin Camarote –
  6. The leadership behavior that’s most important to employees, by Christine Porath –
  7. 20 questions leaders can ask their teams , by Matt Monge –
  8. Leadership lessons from creative directors by John Patroulis –
  9. 7 Things every leader should know Lolly Daskal  – 

Finally one for looking ahead to 2016 I liked this one:

10 insights on inspriational leadership for 2016, by Scott Mautz – 



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