Connecting Your Employees Passions With The Business

Do you know what makes you happy? Like the saying of Socrates, “Know thyself,” it is important to understand what really drives and motivates you.  When was the last time you were joyously happy?

Fran Tarkenton and I talk about how to focus on identifying what made that happen, and then deciding to pursue that, which will lead to good things for you and your employees.  Many people have never really thought about this —and the initial instinctive answers are often incorrect.  It’s not “making money” or “being successful.”

For most people, the answers are often things like “a meaningful relationship with a spouse,” “the relationship with my children,” and “finding meaning in what I do.”  As a leader, your job is to help people figure out what their personal mission is, and then to work to connect that passion to the company’s mission and business objectives.

In this second of four interview sessions I did with Fran to help him with his efforts to mentor small business owners and entrepreneurs we talk about:

  • How to build a business around purpose
  • Why good people need a strong framework to guide behavior
  • How to focus on creating opportunity and value while helping your employees find their passion

This discussion is focused on helping your employees understand what makes them happy and finding ways to connect those passions to their daily experiences at work.  This starts with refining your own passions and making sure the company’s mission connects with employees.

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